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Music and Performing Arts

Curriculum Intent

The visual and expressive arts subjects are concerned with the development of many aspects of a child’s personality: intellectual, perceptual, physical, emotional, and aesthetic. Music and the arts utilise the right side of the brain with its propensity for dealing with the sensuous, intuitive and spatial elements of perception and action.
The value of musical and dramatic experience is many sided. It offers enjoyment and recreation; emotional satisfaction; and opportunities for individual and group activities; therefore, promoting creativity and expression.


We challenge students to think, act and speak like those working in the field. We do this through quality first teaching which challenges our students to not only understand different styles and genres of music but requires them to explore, discuss and demonstrate this understanding in creative ways. They are challenged in all lessons to be able to demonstrate understanding and creativity through performance, composition, through collaboration with their peers and through evaluation of their own work.


Expressive Arts education is, however, more than just having experiences or about acquiring a repertoire of skills. It is about developing insightfulness, understanding and quality of mind.


  • Every student has the right to learn and take part in activities.
  • No student is left behind.
  • Students should be given the opportunities to learn how to express themselves.
  • Students should be given the opportunities to understand how to build meaningful relationships using music and drama.
  • Expressive Arts knowledge embraces different traditions.
  • Most people who believe they cannot sing are simply blocked by pressure, stress, tension, and the habit of hanging on to that vital outward breath.


Department Staff:

Miss M Weld-Richards - Head of Music



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