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P​arent Role in Reading

In order to improve their reading ability, pupils need to read regularly. We encourage parents to also play an important role in improving pupils’ reading ability. We have found that pupils make the greatest progress with their reading when parents are involved in the process.

Evidence shows that just ten minutes a day can have a huge impact on a child’s reading skills. By reading with your child every day you will be supporting them in their education as well as giving them reading skills for later life.

In addition to the obvious benefit on reading comprehension and attainment, it also impacts upon:

  • Vocabulary - understanding and use
  • Understanding of grammar
  • Spelling skill
  • Writing attainment
  • Attitudes to reading and writing
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world and other people
  • Achievement in other subjects, including maths
  • Empathy and understanding of emotions
  • Development of our sense of ‘self’ and identity
  • Reading supports achievement in other subjects because it helps students to access the wider curriculum.
  • Research shows that reading can help to reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing.
  • Linked to this, we know that research shows the numerous benefits of a good night’s sleep, which can be significantly helped by a reduction in screen-time. Therefore, a bedtime routine which includes reading could help with relaxing before bed.