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Art & Design

We encourage every student to reach for their personal potential by challenging and developing their individual skill sets. We do this by offering our students access to a wide range of theme based projects, media and materials including drawing, painting, ceramics, textile design, photography and 3 Dimensional design.

Art is taught at All Hallows by Mrs J Evans - Berry


Art & Design Course Content

Graphic Design Course Content

Curriculum Provision




Year 7 & Year 8

In Year’s 7 and 8 pupils get 50 minutes of art a week. We begin with the introduction of the Formal Elements in Art i.e. Line, Tone, Form, Mood, Colour, Texture and Pattern this then provides pupils with the opportunity to acquire and develop a range of Key Skills to encourage their creativity and imagination.

To strengthen pupils learning and build on their art experiences, pupils will then move onto more sustained projects or themes that will expand their knowledge and understanding of the Key Art Elements that will help pupils to develop and improve their practical and critical studies skills.

They will then be able to engage confidentiality with art, craft and design in the modern world and from different times and cultures. They will become more independent in using the visual language to communicate their own ideas, feelings and meanings.
Homework’s will be used to enhance and develop learning achieved in class.

Colour mixing: using a variety of art materials.
Drawing skills – these will include:
A variety of drawing techniques.
Shading skills using tone and shading.
Observational drawing.
Exploration of a wide variety of art materials.
Creative use of collage.
Computer aided design.


Year 9

We offer several AQA GCSE Art courses at KEY STAGE 4 these include Fine Art, Graphic Communication (VCert Graphic Design - vocational), Photography and a general art and design course that focuses on 3D design and textiles.
The courses have been developed to continue the pupil’s personal artistic development through a range of Art, Craft and Design from many perspectives including Social Cultural and Historical aspects.
Pupils will also investigate a wide range of techniques and processes, informed by the activities of professional artist’s designers and craft people. This should then lead to a very creative individual.


Year 10 & 11

In Years 10 and 11 Pupils continue their artistic development in their chosen art subject by investigating a wide range of different media and techniques.
Pupils work more independently to develop and refine their artworks.
Pupils also take part in visits to local galleries to extend their learning.


Careers in Art

Careers in Graphics