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Head of Maths: Mr G. Grundy

Departmental News

We are very lucky to have a very stable maths department. Seven teachers teach across the year groups, including the Head Teacher and other members of the senior leadership team. All our staff are maths specialists and therefore know how best to support your child’s learning needs.

As part of our commitment to teacher training we have assisted students from Manchester University, these students will be with us as part of our team across the year. We welcome students and feel that they add to what the department can offer the pupils.

Extra Curricular Activities

The maths department hold a computer club each dinner time, the pupils enjoy using the computers to practice their skills.

GCSE Maths Course Content

KS3 Flightpaths


Mr G Grundy - Head of Department

Mr C Adamson - Maths Teacher

Mr T Baggs - Maths Teacher

Mr J Shadwell - Maths Teacher

Mr D Taylor - Maths Teacher

Mr L Tennant - Maths Teacher

Careers in Maths