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Curriculum Intent

“Without mathematics, there's nothing you can do. Everything around you is mathematics. Everything around you is numbers.” - Shakuntala Devi

The Mathematics Curriculum at All Hallows aims to allow all students access to a range of experiences that will:

  • Develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the mathematical concepts that allow students to become numerate and resilient problem solvers.
  • Help them understand the links between key mathematical concepts and see how they are used in a variety of interesting and useful contexts.
  • Allow them to realise the power that mathematics has to help us communicate effectively in a technological world.
  • Allow them to appreciate the intrinsic and aesthetic qualities of mathematical shapes, proofs and patterns.
  • Allow them to realise the satisfaction of tackling a problem or a puzzle and understanding that good Mathematicians are stuck most of the time.

Mathematics is the means of exploring and communicating the ideas and patterns that make up our world. We aim to build on the many skills that are developed in primary school so that we can provide a meaningful and enjoyable secondary experience. Students will be placed into setted groups according to their performance in the KS2 maths tests so that all students can develop at an appropriate level. Regular assessment helps to ensure that all potential is spotted and groups are adjusted accordingly during the year.

Curriculum Overview

Department Staff:

Mr G Grundy - Head of Department
Mr T Baggs - Maths Teacher
Miss K Milan-Snee - Maths Teacher
Miss R Newman - Maths Teacher
Mrs J Perkins - Assistant Headteacher
Mr D Taylor - Maths Teacher
Mr L Tennant - Maths Teacher


Careers in Maths