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ICT and Computing Science

Head of ICT: Mrs D Grannell

The ICT curriculum of study in years 7, 8 and 9 is designed to motivate and stimulate our learners and offer them a wealth of experience in a variety of technologies. The content of the units will provide our students with the skills and knowledge of the latest technology and prepare them for the future world of work. They will learn how to apply the skills they develop to real life situations.

The key stage 3 scheme of work will fully prepare pupils for the new and updated qualifications; Cambridge Nationals ICT and Computer Science that will be offered in KS4.

Every unit covers one or more of the personal learning and thinking skills (PLTS) that will develop our pupils into independent learners, team workers, reflective learners, creative thinkers, self – managers and effective participants.


All pupils are given a mark sheet where they can self evaluate and track their progress. During lessons, pupils will be observed and questioned for them to gain an understanding of the level at which they are currently working. Grades will be recorded on their mark sheet so both the pupil and the teacher know what level the pupil is achieving.

All teachers will have access to the teacher mark sheet where grades are recorded and the teacher can identify pupils making progress and those who are not.
All units include homework tasks and have cross curricular links with other subjects.

Computer Science Course Content

Cambridge Nationals ICT Course Content


Mrs D Grannell - Head of Department

Miss K Bolton - Teacher of IT & Computing

Miss L Buckley - Teacher of IT& Computing and Business


Careers in IT/ Computer Science