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The vision of the science department is to strive to improve teaching and learning, to encourage pupils in their enjoyment of science, to be successful in our results and to make a positive contribution to society.

We have developed a of programme of study that offers a challenging and enjoyable curriculum for our pupils and provides the best platform for our pupils to continue their studies in science.

We offer AQA separate sciences and combined sciences at GCSE and we feel the selection of courses give opportunities for more independent learning and can only be a step in the right direction for modern science.

Forensic science is becoming increasingly popular and our Year 9s enjoy a Business and Enterprise day in school to find out how crimes are solved. Visitors from Manchester University and the Police introduced pupils to a series of Scientific Investigative Techniques such as fingerprinting and DNA extraction. The sessions led by University Academics, gives pupils a real flavour of science outside the classroom.

With the new school we have 2 fully equipped wet laboratories in which we can undertake an array of experiments and learning activities, one dry lab in which we can study physics and other dry-based experiments a small computer suite and a bank of laptops available to our pupils. Additionally, we have an open learning area in which pupils can develop independent learning skills and work quietly on tasks set. The new technology in the school allows pupils to learn interactively and with our suite of laptops and computer access in science pupils can build on their ICT skills.

GCSE Science Course Content

KS3 Flightpaths

Dept Staff

Mr M Beacom

Acting Head of Science
Biology and Physics Specialist

Mrs M Ng

Science Teacher

Mrs A PorterScience Teacher
Mrs B Lindley-Clapp

Associate Assistant Headteacher/Biology and Physics Specialist/Science Teacher

Mr C ReidScience Teacher

Mrs T McAvoy

Pupil Progress Leader/Head of Year
Science Teacher

Mr R.J. Olive

Science Technician

Mr S Zivkovic

Science Teacher


Careers in Science