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Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

In MFL, our objectives are to encourage positive attitudes to foreign languages and to enable students to enjoy using the target language for the purpose of practical communication. Furthermore, we aim to offer insights and promote better understanding of other countries and cultures thus encouraging the development of tolerance, empathy and consideration for others. Finally, we wish to provide our students with lifelong learning and for them to be confident communicators when they leave All Hallows.

Why is it important to learn a language?

In an increasingly global market Foreign Languages are vital to succeed. Our world is getting smaller as global communication links get better and faster and now, more than ever, languages int he workplace are in high demand.

It is proven statistically that unemployment rates amongst Modern Language Graduates are lower than amongst other graduates. Also, after recent research, it has been found that people who use languages in their jobs-even at a basic level-earn on average 8 % more.

Learning languages brings many other benefits including; improved communication skills, improved listening skills,improved social skills, cultural awareness and improved literacy. You are also more employable and more likely to be promoted in the workplace.

Nowadays there are more and more jobs that, often unexpectedly, favour those with languages e.g. Accountant,Journalist, Lawyer, Engineer, Air Hostess and Marketing Manager to name but a few.


The MFL department recognises that trips are an important way for pupils to practice their language skills and to see how languages can be used in real-life situations,now and in the future. We take pupils from all years to the University of Manchester and the Manchester Metropolitan University for taster days at university where they have the opportunity to meet Undergraduate students and have a tour of the campus whilst practicing their language skills.

Pupils who speak another language

Although Spanish is the main language taught at All Hallows some pupils already know a language other than English. Where this is the case, we enter these pupils for a GCSE in their first language in order to help develop their CVs and improve future job prospects.

GCSE Spanish Course Content

KS3 Flightpaths


Mrs R Murphy - Head of Department

Mr R Conway - SLT & Teacher of MFL

Mr J Shadwell - Teacher of MFL

Careers in Modern Foreign Language