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Modern Foreign Language (MFL)

Curriculum Intent

Why do we teach Spanish?

  • We teach Spanish to enable students to understand and communicate with people around the world.
  • To teach students to manipulate language to suit their purpose in a range of scenarios and tofacilitate understanding of grammar construction.
  • To promote curiosity about and an appreciation of the culture and the way of life of the people living in the countries where Spanish is spoken.
  • To encourage a more open view of the world as it allows for deeper cultural understanding and promotes a more tolerant society within school, the local area and wider environment.

What are we providing for our pupils in the department?

  • Learning is themed around real world themes and issues which gradually introduces increasingly complex levels of language to stretch and challenge students.
  • The MFL Department aims to produce confident, capable and fluent linguists who can work independently in their Speaking and Writing with a range of vocabulary, tenses and complex structures.
  • Our students are able to express their own opinions and offer justifications.
  • Students are provided with a well-planned and challenging curriculum.
  • High expectations set the tone in lessons.
  • Pupils are expected to learn from their mistakes and are constantly encouraged to do so.
  • We celebrate the achievements of our linguists because learning a language is a great achievement.
  • We provide students with opportunities to master the four skill areas of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Sequencing – Why do we certain teach things at a certain time?

  • Our KS3 course allows students to understand the essential grammar concepts of Spanish as well as key topics that will engage our students in language communication and proficiency.
  • The KS3 course allows stepping stones to be built that will form the foundations for the KS4 Edexcel GCSE course. As language does not exist in isolation. Students must understand how language is built and connected and the foundations they do this on must be firm.
  • Within each academic year we teach different topics that will be of use when communicating in Spanish.
  • The languages curriculum has been developed so that grammar is sequenced according to prior learning so that students are given the ability to revisit and master key concepts at every stage of their journey. We are building on the building blocks.

    Curriculum Overview

    Department Staff:

    Mrs R Murphy - Head of Department
    Mr R Conway - Deputy Headteacher/ MFL Teacher
    Mr A Gomez - MFL Teacher


    Careers in Modern Foreign Language