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Religious Education

Here at All Hallows we seek to instil the Catholic ethos and philosophy in all of our children. We specialise in the study and education of Roman Catholic ethics and encourage our students to experience and take part in the faith. Religious Education is central to the core of All Hallows’.

Both at KS4 and KS3 pupils are engaged with a Christian based education that also allows us room and variety in which to study different world religions, such as Hinduism, Judaism and Islam. At KS3 all pupils follow the Diocesan Religious Education Directory for Salford.

At KS4 the GCSE is taught to all students and taught only by specialist RE teachers. It combines the study of Roman Catholic ethics including, abortion, euthanasia, the paranormal, community cohesion and marriage values. As well as these topics pupils also study Christianity and Islam which allows the pupils a wider view into the religious world and the part it plays in politics and human rights.

Here at All Hallow’ we assist our pupils not only on their educational journey but also on their journey of faith allowing them to question and examine their own spirituality and ethics.

As part of our school ethos and mission all pupils take part in daily worship and prayer. Pupils participate in form prayers and Assemblies, as well as enterprise day which focus on developing them as spiritual young people. We also have the fortune of being able to offer our pupils the opportunity to attend a weekly mass which is supported by several of the local priests. Mass is led by our Chaplain Mrs Rachel Hughes and the RE team, and is designated to a form group each week. Mass is greatly attended by pupils who enjoy the opportunity to celebrate as a community.

Our Lay Chaplain Mrs Hughes is available for the children not only in a spiritual role but also in the pastoral capacity. She supports the children both spiritually and emotionally on their journey through All Hallows’.

Religious Studies Course Content

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Mrs L Harris - Head of department

Miss L Gibbons - Pupil Progress Leader and Teacher of RE

Miss H McHale - Teacher of RE

Miss K Gilmore - Teacher of RE

Mrs L Hickey - Teacher of RE

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