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Religious Education

Curriculum Intent

Catholic schools in the Salford area follow the RE curriculum directory of Salford Dioceses. This places RE at the heart of our curriculum in our schools. It helps to enhance the young people’s understanding of the richness of Catholic education and faith and draws them into a deep communion of Christ and his church.

There are 4 main areas of study throughout the RECD. These are:

  • Church
  • Celebration
  • Revelation
  • Life in Christ

Our KS3 scheme of work fulfils all requirements of the RECD. There are many reoccurring themes. For example; The Golden Rule, Catholic Social teaching and Sanctity of life. We build on this integral foundational knowledge in order to further imbed at KS4. Many of our topics are taught in accordance with the liturgical year. For example; Christmas and Easter.

Throughout our study there are 3 areas which have become the core of religious education at All Hallows. These are Catholicism, World religions and Moral and Ethical issues. We revisit these themes continually throughout the scheme of work in order to ensure a well-rounded curriculum.

We strive to ensure the scheme of work is robust and challenging; setting high standards for pupils to exceed. In year 9 we adapted the scheme of work in the last 18 months due to the socio-economic environment. Further topics were developed to meet the needs of our learners at All Hallows. These are relevant and imperative in equipping our pupils with life skills and good morals. We make sure students are capable of understanding how to challenge ignorance and injustice in the world today.

The RE department does not and has not had a 3 year KS4. We believe the topics we teach in year 9 enrich our children’s experience of religion and prepare them fully to study GCSE. We use GCSE skills in our assessment for year 9 to ensure they are familiar with the skill when they reach year 10. We have the appropriate amount of time in which to teach our subject.

Curriculum Overview

Department Staff:

Mrs L Shepherd - Acting Head of RE/ PPL
Mr J D’Costa - RE Teacher
Miss K Gilmore - RE Teacher
Miss C Kenny - RE Teacher
Miss H McHale - RE Teacher/PPL


Careers in RE