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Business Studies

Head of Business Studies: Mrs D Grannell

Business courses at All Hallows are a very popular option and pupils achieve excellent results.

The courses currently on off are GCSE Applied Business Studies and Business Enterprsie.

Business lessons are a mixture of learning and researching about real businesses. We learn in different ways, through class work, group work, presentations, research and importantly independent learning.

We have links with businesses such as Tesco, DWF Law, Walkers and Chester Zoo. We are always looking for businesses interested in working with our pupils to bring the world of business to life.

Curriculum Provision : GCSE Applied Business

Unit One:

  • Activities, purpose, aims and objectives and competitors of two Businesses.
  • Ethical business
  • Functional Areas
  • Communication
  • Stakeholders
  • Attracting and retaining Customers
  • Laws and Legislation

Unit Two:

  • Financial Documents
  • Methods of Payment
  • ICT in Business
  • Profit and Loss Accounts
  • Balance Sheets
  • Ratio Analysis

This course is assessed via the completion of a research folder and a controlled assignment. This is Unit One and worth 60% of the overall grade.

Unit Two is externally assessed by an exam. This lasts for an hour and is worth 40% of the overall grade. All work is submitted and assessed at the end of Year 11.

Business Studies Course Content

Business Enterprise Course Content

Staff: Mrs D Grannell Miss L Buckley

Careers in Business Studies