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Head of Humanities: Mrs S Noden

Teachers: Mrs S Noden and Mr D Goodfellow


Pupils study a range of topics in Geography.

Half term

Year 7

Year 8

Autumn 1


Rivers, coasts & glaciation

Autumn 2


Rivers, coasts & glaciation

Spring 1

Tectonic hazards


Spring 2


Rocks, weathering & soil

Summer 1

Weather & Climate


Summer 2

Economic activity


The key stage 3 scheme of work is based on a thematic approach to Geography focusing on the key theme of place.

  • Dangerous Places
  • Going Places

  • Changing Places
  • Linked Places

  • Extreme Places
  • Threatened Places

Extra-curricular Geography

Quick-fire revision takes place Monday to Wednesday lunch for 15 minutes. This is very well attended by a range of pupils. After school revision also takes place every Wednesday and Thursday after school from 3-4pm.

Holiday revision sessions also take place, as well as evening Twitter revision sessions prior to mock and actual exams. Pupils simply need to follow@mrspgeographer on Twitter and relevant days and times for revision will be sent out at the time.

There is also a website dedicated to geography at All Hallows.and run by our Head of Humanities Mrs Parkinson, join her and her classes by clicking here

Pupils can also ask for extra help via Twitter or check out the videos and revision material that are regularly posted .

Geography Course ContentKS3 Flightpaths


Careers in Geography