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School to home communication systems are only successful if they produce the right action.   That’s why our focus is on making life easy for parents.  By introducing Parentmail into school we make sure that we can communicate with you and that you are able to respond to us from anywhere.

ParentMail is unique because with a single account, parents can receive information, make payments, complete forms and permissions and see events at every participating school, club, or nursery their children attend.

With internet and mobile communications technologies now very much a part of social and business life, we recognise the need to invest in technology that makes your life and communication with us easier.   Parents can use a free App available on iOS and Android which allows parents to pick up all their school communications instantly.

Many of our parents have already registered for Parentmail and are taking the opportunity to Top Up and review their child's cashless catering account and meal choices, pay for trips and events and curriculum resources such as music lessons and food tech ingredients. If you have not already done so you can register for Parentmail by contacting school and requesting registration details.  

Y​ou can access ParentMail here.

Edulink One

We are moving to a new system of sharing your child’s report with you. Until now, all reports have been posted out to parents. We will upload all of the reports that you have already seen this year, and also your child’s new summer report. The advantage for you is that you can access these reports from anywhere, and also they will not get lost – they will stay on the system for you to view at any time.

Edulink - Useful Links


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