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We aim for All Hallows RC Business, Enterprise and Sports College to be a Catholic school to which children wish to come, to which parents wish to send their children, and where teachers wish to teach.

Our Mission is to offer a high quality Catholic education for all, in an environment where Gospel Values are central to teaching and learning, and in which the unique value of each person is recognised and respected.


To develop a wide range of skills for Communication in all its forms for all pupils and encourage the application of them in all contexts.

Objectives for Pupils

  • Writing

 - Write for a variety of purposes

 - Organise ideas effectively

 - Implement conventions of Standard English with accuracy

  • Reading

 - Access information

 - Read with understanding

 - Implement reading strategies independently

  • Speaking and Listening

 - Speak for a variety of purposes and audiences

 - Develop conversation and negotiation skills

 - Present hypothesise and ideas effectively

 - Listen with comprehension / understanding

It is the shared responsibility of all departments, through teaching and learning, to develop, explore and promote opportunities for Literacy development within their subject areas and across the school.

Priorities (2015/16)

  • Embed good practice for reading
  • Implement Accelerated Reader at KS4 for lower English sets
  • Broaden reading intervention at KS3


  • Cross curricular awareness of the conventions of different reading strategies
  • Evidence of standard cross curricular teaching / learning using reading strategies across the school
  • Designated pupil cohorts using Accelerated reader at KS4
  • Quantifiable increase in pupil reading age


  • ‘Drip feed’ resources through regular contribution in INSET, HoD and ETL group
  • Store resources in ETL folder
  • Literacy needs highlighted in INSET and ETL group
  • Evidence of standard teaching practice in pupil books
  • KS3 pupils complete ‘Hodder’ reading test in Autumn and Summer terms  
  • Accelerated Reader and Lexia program results monitored for impact


  • SLT monitoring of D.D.Ps
  • Work scrutiny
  • Pupil Voice
  • Pupil reading tests


  • SLT

 - Ensure continued high profile

 - Create INSET / CPD time

 - Oversee work / DDP scrutiny

 - Liaise with LaC  co-ordinator to evaluate impact