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New Parents Help Sheet

ATTENDANCE - If your child is ill and cannot attend school parents are asked to inform the school as soon as possible on the first day of absence and no later than 09:00. This should be done by telephoning school on 0161 921 1900.   We may contact parents of a student who is absent without our knowledge. If you have advance notice of an absence, e.g. a medical or dental appointment, please ensure the Form Tutor is informed in writing. It is also important that if a student is late into school that they sign in at Reception.

When telephoning school, your call will be taken by a member of the Administration Team. Please try to give as much information as possible in order that they may direct your call to the most appropriate person. They may be able to help you without the need to pass you on to another member of staff. All calls are treated with confidentiality.

FOOD – Food is served in the ‘Street’  at break and at lunchtime. There is a wide choice of food including a vegetarian option, plenty of healthy foods and drinks are available. Water fountains are located throughout school.

PARENTMAIL – School operates a system of communication which also allows parents/carers to make payment for students lunches, trips and other activities and events.   Parents who are registered or Parentmail can also review their child’s lunch choices, give permission for trips and review the school calendar as it relates to their child.

FORGOTTEN ITEMS - Please only deliver things for your child at school that are genuinely urgent; forgotten homework, PE kit,etc. are non-urgent and students will learn from the consequences of their poor organisation and planning. In urgent circumstances, we can hold items brought in but is the responsibility of the student to collect any delivered items promptly from the Reception desk. Staff will only deliver items directly to students in the case of an urgent medical or student well being concern.

ILLNESS/ACCIDENTS IN SCHOOL – Students should report to Reception where First Aid trained staff will assess individual need and will, if necessary,  arrange to contact home  Students should not phone home when unwell.

MEDICATION - if your child has a particular medical need please discuss this in the first instance with your child's Pupil Progress Leader. All steps will be taken to ensure your concerns are managed effectively.  If your child takes regular medication we can hold this in school and help you by recording the times that your child attends to administer their medication. 

INTERNET– Students have excellent Internet access. We regard this as a very important resource and are determined that our students are not excluded from the vast amount of information and data that is available on the web. We are well aware of the dangers and do all that we reasonably can to protect the students. We use an Internet provider that uses the most modern software to filter out inappropriate sites. We keep logs of all Internet access and these records are looked at every day. We understand that students like to use the internet for recreation and are quite happy with that use in the lunchtimes and after school. We require that access in school times should be for legitimate research. In order to protect ourselves against viruses we insist that students should not download any files without our express permission.

LOCKERS - Many students will have a locker. We issue a single key please ensure your key is kept safe. A master key is kept by the Administration Office which can be used only in an emergency.  If you would like a locker for your child please talk to school, if a locker is available one can be issued on receipt of an annual payment (£10). Lockers are made available to year 7 and year 11 students first,  once these year groups have  taken the lockers they need - remaining lockers are released to  year 8/9 and 10.  School requests that all keys be returned to reception at the end f the summer term for redistribution to other students.  If keys are lost please let us know. 

LOST PROPERTY - Please clearly label all clothing and property. If the property is mislaid we can return it if it is labelled. Lost property is held at reception and can normally be retrieved at break or lunch time. However, unnamed property can only be held for a limited period of time and is passed to charity at the end of each term.

NEWS– You can keep up with news at All Hallows on our website www.allhallowssalford.com, or follow us on Twitter - @allhallowsrc . 

ROADSAFETY - If you are bringing/collecting your child to/from school please arrange a drop off/pick up point some distance from the school.  Please ensure you do not park on school grounds, it is important that our disabled students are not blocked from accessing school . Students should not be picked up or dropped off on the yellow zig zag lines outside school or in the bus/cycle lanes. These markings are provided to ensure that children can see and be seen clearly when crossing the road. Car parks are for the use of staff and school visitors only. Parents/carers and visitors are asked to show consideration to our neighbours and other motorists when parking.

BICYCLES - students are encouraged to cycle to school, whilst we can provide storage facilities in the form of a bike 'shed' which is behind the schools secure line and covered by CCTV, we suggest that a robust lock is used to secure bicycles.  School cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to student bicycles.

TELEPHONES - Mobile telephones should not be brought to school; if they are they must be switched off and in bags/pockets during lessons.Mobile phones should be insured, school is unable to accept any responsibility for loss or damage.

WEBSITE – The school website contains a lot of useful information.