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Careers Education

All Hallows RC High School offers a work experience placement for all students in Key Stage 4. The placements are designed to help prepare students for life beyond school and to aid in their prospective career choices. Placements provide the opportunity for our students to apply the skills and knowledge they have learnt during school into a work environment.

Work experience is a great way of identifying students’ strengths and interests, and can often inspire them into a particular area of study or work.

The school is also committed to ensuring that students are ready for the interview and selection process by facilitating a mock interview for every student in year 11. These interviews are managed by the school but delivered by partners from local business; this gives students as real life an experience as is possible. A number of students are also offered the opportunity to attend mock interview scenarios away from the school setting.

Careers education is something were main committed to at All Hallows RC and to further support students we buy on the services of the Connexions team.

The Head of Careers Education at All Hallows is Mrs J Hobin Mrs Hobin can be reached by emailing school at allhallows@salford.gov.uk or by using the email form at the Contact Us page.



Connexions is a national support service for all young people aged 13-19. Connexions advisers offer young people support, advice and guidance on a range of issues including education, training, jobs, money, health and housing. At All Hallows RC High School our Connexions Careers specialist provides all Year 11 students with one to one careers interviews and an individual action plan.

A Connexions Personal Adviser is based in school to support students and can provide help with any issue that is affecting students and their education. Connexions advisers are present at key career events.

Lisa Bennett (Lisa.Bennett@careerconnect.org.uk) is our Connexions Careers specialist

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Further information on local and national careers advice is available from

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