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Curriculum KS3

The aim of our KS3 Curriculum is to engage our students in their learning, to encourage them onto a path of personal and educational development that will fit them for life outside of school and the rigours of KS4.

At Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 8), we offer a curriculum which aims to deliver to every child the opportunity to maximise their learning and potential.  In so doing the curriculum at All Hallows RC High School follows the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014) but also offers bespoke provision with an emphasis upon our specialist areas of Sports and Business & Enterprise.

The coherent curriculum builds on young people’s experiences from the primary phase and helps all young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, and responsible citizens.

Specifically our Key Stage 3 Experience aims to:

  • Support and nurture all young people
  • Achieve high standards and encourage progress
  • Develop independent learners
  • Challenge and motivate
  • Encourage aspiration, ambition and participation
  • Develop skills, knowledge and understanding in a range of subjects and initiatives

The Key Stage 3 Programmes of Study and Curriculum are set out by the National Curriculum but at All Hallows RC we aim to develop personalised learning programmes for individual students in response to specific need and ability.

At Year 7 and 8 all students will study:

  • Religious Studies
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish)
  • Sports programmes
  • Technology: Design Technology and Food Technology 
  • Art and Design 
  • Business
  • Drama
  • Music
  • Geography
  • History
  • ICT & Computing
  • Personal Development

Students are placed in sets according to their abilities in many subjects. Levels of attainment provided by the primary schools and our own early baseline assessment data, allows us to place students in appropriate groups and teaching and learning to be tailored to the needs of individuals.


English    Science    Geography     History     Spanish


  • PPL Year 7: Mr C Reid & Miss H McHale
  • PPL Year 8: Mr D Goodfellow
  • PPL Year 9: Miss L Buckley
  • PPL Year 10: Mrs L Shepherd
  • PPL Year 11: Mrs T McAvoy

Yr 7 Flightpaths Autumn One 2018       Yr 8 Flightpaths Autumn One 2018


Key Stage 4